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Dr. Hee-Won Yoo

Dr. Hee-Won Yoo is the CEO and President of Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, an R&D-focused Korean pharmaceutical company. Since her inauguration, Bukwang has made successful and outstanding footprints especially for new drug development and bioventure investment by leveraging her extensive experiences and devotion. Prior to her current CEO post, she deeply involved in the multi-national development and registration of a new anti-HBV agent as a co-leader in joint project with US and Japan based corporations. She has extensive experiences in a Korean bioventure environment, with roles covering the establishment of bioventure and development of biological products to commercialization. Dr. Yoo received her Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry from the School of Pharmacy at Ewha Women’s University in Korea. She then carried out her postdoctoral training in Chemistry of Carcinogenesis Laboratory at NIH in the US.

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