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Dr. Dalia (Dalik) Pinkert


Senior Director of CMC and Medicinal Chemistry

Ph.D in medicinal organic chemistry from Bar-Ilan University (Israel), where she developed "Potential Inhibitors of the Biosynthesis of Biotin – Stereoselective Synthesis, Methodology and Structure activity Relationship". Started her Ph.D directly after graduating her B.Sc degree with summa cum laude. She received several awards, including Wolf Foundation prize for Ph.D students.  Dalia is a chemistry expert with unique multidisciplinary broad experience and expertise at diverse Pharmaceutical disciplines (16 years at "Teva's innovative R&D"): Medicinal & Organic chemistry, Pharmaceutical development & Analytical chemistry. She holds several patents in various fields of organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. She also serves as a consultant to companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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